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This is a page of all the Region Flags in The World. A little less than 50% of the regions of The World have flags and only those that have a flag are listed. The flags can ne resized or sorted depending on your personal preferences. When sorting by "Flag" it sorts the regions with the same flag next to each other. Sometimes they are silmilar lfags that are not next to each other becuase there are subtle, often non-visible, differencence between them. One may be a .png and one may a .jpg or one may be a different size or one may have a subltely different color. We get close, but we are not goign to spend a lot of time on image-matching algorithims for just a web page to look at flags.

We also put hyperlinks on the images and text so you can see the region in a new window or tab. That window or tab is reused for each click.

Overall, this is just a little nothing to look at the pretty flags. There are a lot of them, so it takes a little while to render them all depending on your internet connection. But, once you have them, then sorting them should be fairly quick. Some will find it interesting, others will yawn. Many will find regions that did not know existed. Other will find relationships they did not know existed. If there are some features you would like to see added, do not hesitate to leave a message on the comments page. Or, if you have anything to say about it, leave a message. We hope you like it.


1. Sorting by "Region" sorts them in ascending alphabetic order. "Flag" Order is explained above. "Nation Count" sort is descending by the number of nations in the region. The "Endorsement Count" is the number off Endorsements the Delegate has and is na highest to lowest order.
5. Things on To Do List: None...

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7. We hope you enjoy the tool.

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