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The Federal Diversified Holdings of The Rich Port

"Those which sow thorns should not expect flowers"

Established: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 12:00:23 AM
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Report Date: Saturday, June 23, 2018 01:35 PM

The State of the Nation

The Federal Diversified Holdings of The Rich Port is a humongous nation of 19,459,681,324 citizens, a number that fluctuates constantly. The form of government is known as Inoffensive Centrist Democracy, which is defined by some as a 'generic' or 'classic' form of government in which there is a head of government and the citizens share some of the power in the ruling of the people. The beloved national animal of The Rich Port is the giant squid. The economy of The Rich Port is classified as Frightening, which means, the The Rich Port Economy is one of the strongest, most volatile, Frightening economic systems in The World.   The economy is tied to the strength and value of the simoleon, its national currency and is driven by the Tourism industry where much of the population is employed in some capacity or another.  Civil Rights in The Rich Port is classified as Excellent , which means, the days of the jackbooted 'Thought Police' are gone in The Rich Port and a large majority of the population rally, protest and march about such things as race, sex and religion in this nation of Excellent Civil Rights. Political Freedom in The Rich Port is classified as Excellent , which means, the politically active, election-loving citizens of The Rich Port have some of the most Excellent Political Freedoms of all the nations in The World.

Report on Government Priorities

The Federal Diversified Holdings of The Rich Port is a scholarly bastion of learning and reason, comprised of intelligentsia who rank themselves by the number of their university degrees. The Rich Port, while not completely neglecting its less fortunate citizens, contributes a paltry amount of its budget to Welfare. The Rich Port, never a nation to be overly concerned with Administration, nonetheless, has a small cadre of administrators, bookkeepers, accountants and pencil-pushers on the payroll to keep things running smoothly. While there is some sense of Social Equality in The Federal Diversified Holdings of The Rich Port, the government does not concentrate much of its time or budget on it leaving many out in the cold on social initiatives like education and employment. The birds and the bees live in harmony with the plants and the trees in The Rich Port, a lavish, stunningly beautiful nation noted for its high budgetary contributions to the Environment. The The Rich Port Defence Forces are neither paltry nor overwhelming in this nation that can defend itself against even formidable foes. The Art of the Trade is a revered tome in The Rich Port, where anyone and everyone from the government to the man on the street has something to buy, sell or trade in this nation dedicated to Commerce. The percentage of citizens in The Federal Diversified Holdings of The Rich Port that have a graduate degree or greater is directly proportional to the square root of the government budgetary contribution to Education squared. The list leaders of The Federal Diversified Holdings of The Rich Port reads like a list of doctors at the many, many hospitals throughout the nation due to the governmental prioritization of HealthCare and related industries. 'Deterrence, effective deterrence' is the primary motto of the moderately-funded Law and Order community of The Rich Port, followed closely by 'incarceration, long, long incarceration'.

The Federal Diversified Holdings of The Rich Port has provided zero budget resources to the following areas:
  • Spirituality
  • PublicTransport

International Influence

Within the region of Osiris, as well as in The World, The Federal Diversified Holdings of The Rich Port is considered The Rich Port has an Unknown Influence, which is defined as *HELP: Newcomer* The Rich Port's region, Osiris,  has a Power Ranking of Very High, a rating that less than 1% of the regions of The World hold. This highly sought after ranking is reserved for a select few regions whose citizens are amongst the powerhouses of The World.

Tables & Charts:

The Rich Port National Data

Government Type: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Population: 19,459,681,324 citizens
World Assembly Status:
Last Activity: 2 days 19 hours ago
National Motto: Those which sow thorns should not expect flowers
National Animal: giant squid
National Industry: Tourism
National Currency: simoleon

The Rich Port Governmental Data

Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Frightening
Political Freedoms: Excellent
Major Priority: Education
Tax Rate: 30%

The Rich Port Government Priorities

Highest Priority: Education
Administration: 2%
Welfare: 3%
Healthcare: 14%
Education: 25%
Spirituality: 0%
Defence: 16%
Law and Order: 7%
Commerce: 18%
Public Transportation: 0%
Environment: 13%
Social Equality: 2%

The Rich Port Regional Influence

Regional Influence: Newcomer

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