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The Liberal Democracy of Oiseaui

"Libertas Consistit Cupito Faciendo"

Established: Monday, December 15, 2008 04:24:06 AM
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Report Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 05:14 AM

The State of the Nation

The Liberal Democracy of Oiseaui is a monstrous nation of 18,747,850,050 citizens, a number that fluctuates constantly. The form of government is known as Inoffensive Centrist Democracy, which is defined by some as a 'generic' or 'classic' form of government in which there is a head of government and the citizens share some of the power in the ruling of the people. The beloved national animal of Oiseaui is the Taigan Lynx. The economy of Oiseaui is classified as Very Strong, which means, the forces of the Economy favor Oiseaui, giving it an edge in the global market, making it a Very Strong participant.   The economy is tied to the strength and value of the Breixo, its national currency and is driven by the Information Technology industry where much of the population is employed in some capacity or another.  Civil Rights in Oiseaui is classified as Very Good , which means, most of the population has the right to vote and even run for office in Oiseaui, where Civil Rights are considered Very Good. Political Freedom in Oiseaui is classified as Very Good , which means, the citizens of Oiseaui regularly have marches and rallies both honoring and deriding political figures reveling in their Very Good level of Political Freedom.

Report on Government Priorities

The Liberal Democracy of Oiseaui is a scholarly bastion of learning and reason, comprised of intelligentsia who rank themselves by the number of their university degrees. Oiseaui is a strikingly beautiful nation of clear skies and pristine beaches which gives one an overwhelming sense of healthiness due to the fairly heavy governmental contributions to the Environment. The military machine that is Oiseaui has contributed an extreme amount of its budget to creating a Defence system that makes it both feared and respected by most of the rest of The World. The literacy rate in The Liberal Democracy of Oiseaui is nearly 100% due to the government's complete dedication to Education and the funding thereof. Crime is very low in The Liberal Democracy of Oiseaui due to the current administration's enthusiasm for strict Law and Order policies in all facets of life.

The Liberal Democracy of Oiseaui has provided zero budget resources to the following areas:
  • Administration
  • Welfare
  • Healthcare
  • Spirituality
  • Commerce
  • PublicTransport
  • SocialEquality

International Influence

Within the region of Balder, as well as in The World, The Liberal Democracy of Oiseaui is considered Oiseaui has an Unknown Influence, which is defined as *HELP: Hatchling* Oiseaui's region, Balder,  has a Power Ranking of Very High, a rating that less than 1% of the regions of The World hold. This highly sought after ranking is reserved for a select few regions whose citizens are amongst the powerhouses of The World.

Tables & Charts:

Oiseaui National Data

Government Type: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Population: 18,747,850,050 citizens
World Assembly Status:
Last Activity: 3 days 17 hours ago
National Motto: Libertas Consistit Cupito Faciendo
National Animal: Taigan Lynx
National Industry: Information Technology
National Currency: Breixo

Oiseaui Governmental Data

Civil Rights: Very Good
Economy: Very Strong
Political Freedoms: Very Good
Major Priority: Education
Tax Rate: 27%

Oiseaui Government Priorities

Highest Priority: Education
Administration: 0%
Welfare: 0%
Healthcare: 0%
Education: 42%
Spirituality: 0%
Defence: 25%
Law and Order: 23%
Commerce: 0%
Public Transportation: 0%
Environment: 10%
Social Equality: 0%

Oiseaui Regional Influence

Regional Influence: Hatchling

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