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The Republic of Anikatia

"Unity, Peace and Freedom"

Established: Thursday, February 03, 2011 01:55:26 AM
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Report Date: Saturday, May 15, 2021 01:08 AM

The State of the Nation

The Republic of Anikatia is a tremendous nation of 21,721,886,996 citizens, a number that fluctuates constantly. The form of government is known as Father Knows Best State, which is defined by some as a throwback to days of kingdoms where the leader has the final say in most matters involving affairs of state. The beloved national animal of Anikatia is the Goldcrest Eaglehawk. The economy of Anikatia is classified as Frightening, which means, the Anikatia Economy is one of the strongest, most volatile, Frightening economic systems in The World.   The economy is tied to the strength and value of the Anikuro, its national currency and is driven by the Automobile Manufacturing industry where much of the population is employed in some capacity or another.  Civil Rights in Anikatia is classified as Some , which means, the growing Civil Rights movement is in its infancy in Anikatia where some people, corporations or organizations have Some rights. Political Freedom in Anikatia is classified as Few , which means, a small cadre of what some call 'political leaders' actually move around and operate freely in Anikatia, which is surprising since so Few Political Freedoms exist.

Report on Government Priorities

The Republic of Anikatia is a juggernaut of military might and power and is not afraid to show it on a regular basis. Anikatia, while not completely neglecting its less fortunate citizens, contributes a paltry amount of its budget to Welfare. The citizens of The Republic of Anikatia generally tolerate the petty Administration officials who occasionally inject their presence into many citizens' and businesses' daily lives. While the citizens of Anikatia flirt with the concept of Social Equality, their need to compete in economics and their interest in foreign affairs and politics keeps them from fully being a nation of equals. The military machine that is Anikatia has contributed an extreme amount of its budget to creating a Defence system that makes it both feared and respected by most of the rest of The World. The trade of goods, services, information, money, anything, in Anikatia is an all-consuming activity for most of the population due to the government's insistence on concentrating on Commerce. Education is often a topic of great budgetary debate and a fairly major concern of the government of Anikatia. Planes, Trains and Automobiles dominate Anikatia's well-funded Public Transportation system touted by many as some of the most reliable around. While living a healthy lifestyle is somewhat of a priority in Anikatia, it is not the only game in this nation where HealthCare receives only cursory funding. 'Deterrence, effective deterrence' is the primary motto of the moderately-funded Law and Order community of Anikatia, followed closely by 'incarceration, long, long incarceration'.

The Republic of Anikatia has provided zero budget resources to the following areas:
  • Spirituality
  • Environment

International Influence

Within the region of Pardes, as well as in The World, The Republic of Anikatia is considered a Hermit, arguably the most powerful rating in The World, but with no one to lord over, just how powerful is that? (Ranked 1 out of 21 levels) Anikatia's region, Pardes,  has a Power Ranking of Low, a rating just off the bottom, yet far from the top when it comes to political might or power. Almost 50% of the nations of The World fall into this category usually reserved for new regions, regions with few members and regions on a steep decline.

Tables & Charts:

Anikatia National Data

Government Type: Father Knows Best State
Population: 21,721,886,996 citizens
World Assembly Status:
Last Activity: 13 hours ago
National Motto: Unity, Peace and Freedom
National Animal: Goldcrest Eaglehawk
National Industry: Automobile Manufacturing
National Currency: Anikuro

Anikatia Governmental Data

Civil Rights: Some
Economy: Frightening
Political Freedoms: Few
Major Priority: Defence
Tax Rate: 70%

Anikatia Government Priorities

Highest Priority: Defence
Administration: 4%
Welfare: 2%
Healthcare: 6%
Education: 15%
Spirituality: 0%
Defence: 26%
Law and Order: 13%
Commerce: 22%
Public Transportation: 6%
Environment: 0%
Social Equality: 3%

Anikatia Regional Influence

Regional Influence: Hermit

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