NationStates Dossier Report

Query Type: The Region That Has No Big Banks
Query Date: Sunday, August 25, 2019
Query Time: 12:42:24 PM
Query Duration: 7.375 seconds

Records Returned: 47
Live Count: 47
Dead or New Count: 0
Dying Count: 0

Total Population: 190,534,000,000
Average Population: 4,053,914,890

WA Members: 21
WA Percentage: 44.681%
Delegate Endorsement Percentage: 45.00%

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RankFlagRegionNationsWA DelegateEndorsementsFounderFactbook Entry
1. The Region That Has No Big Banks47Yodle9Yodle[b][color=#f1671f]🌹 [u]The Premier Democratic Socialist Region[/u] 🌹[/color][/b] [b][color=#f1671f]Proud Supporters of[/color] [url=][color=dodgerblue]Bernie Sanders[/color][/url][color=f1671f]![/color] [color=#c81b26]Founded 6/5/16 -[/color][color=dodgerblue] 🎁 Second Anniversary 6/5/18 🎁[/color][/b] [hr][b][color=#c81b26]⚫️ Make sure you 🌟[/color][url=][color=dodgerblue]Join the World Assembly[/color][/url][color=#c81b26]🌟 to participate in the political process![/color][/b] [b][color=#9b0f5f]⚪ Make sure to endorse our WA Delegate, ✌️ [nation=short]Yodle[/nation]![/color][/b] [b][color=#9b0f5f]&

RankFlagNationWARegionPopulationGovernment TypeTaxLast LoginGDP Per Capita
1. Ansuriel The Region That Has No Big Banks7,913,000,000Democratic Socialists98%11 days ago$43,742.63
2. LotarmyWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks5,261,000,000Democratic Socialists93%14 days ago$38,292.36
3. DouwlandWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks1,596,000,000Liberal Democratic Socialists85%2 days 15 hours ago$8,931.84
4. Yuyoslavia The Region That Has No Big Banks611,000,000Liberal Democratic Socialists74%9 hours ago$31,910.30
5. Ticheotis The Region That Has No Big Banks3,575,000,000Father Knows Best State45%3 days 22 hours ago$40,155.93
6. Letrosis The Region That Has No Big Banks4,835,000,000Corrupt Dictatorship93%3 days 22 hours ago$39,293.73
7. Novo Kyruvia The Region That Has No Big Banks972,000,000Left-wing Utopia72%8 hours ago$32,952.32
8. Eftichia The Region That Has No Big Banks4,793,000,000Inoffensive Centrist Democracy89%3 days 22 hours ago$44,667.11
9. Quinzavix The Region That Has No Big Banks4,022,000,000Democratic Socialists84%15 days ago$44,667.11
10. Patradonia The Region That Has No Big Banks3,752,000,000Civil Rights Lovefest88%5 days ago$47,080.29
11. TeslavilleWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks3,327,000,000Civil Rights Lovefest69%9 days ago$39,907.77
12. No Big Banks The Region That Has No Big Banks6,050,000,000New York Times Democracy81%43 days ago$38,732.98
13. Wahlid The Region That Has No Big Banks4,942,000,000Left-Leaning College State42%6 days ago$18,927.19
14. NievariaWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks683,000,000Civil Rights Lovefest76%5 days ago$5,989.45
15. Pragmatikotita The Region That Has No Big Banks4,849,000,000Inoffensive Centrist Democracy96%3 days 22 hours ago$40,865.61
16. Dosidicus The Region That Has No Big Banks34,813,000,000Father Knows Best State43%14 days ago$8,810.83
17. Shangri-La ValleyWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks701,000,000Left-Leaning College State26%1 day 4 hours ago$12,618.13
18. AsturiiWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks5,660,000,000Left-wing Utopia90%17 days ago$46,791.83
19. Democracy is AWESOME The Region That Has No Big Banks2,514,000,000Inoffensive Centrist Democracy24%6 days ago$5,792.84
20. EvertopiaWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks5,138,000,000New York Times Democracy96%5 days ago$46,655.46
21. Dottendorf The Region That Has No Big Banks737,000,000Inoffensive Centrist Democracy34%12 hours ago$11,978.90
22. AutologistWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks636,000,000Democratic Socialists69%14 hours ago$30,888.90
23. BangleshanksWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks760,000,000Liberal Democratic Socialists74%7 hours ago$3,366.15
24. Saxkovich The Region That Has No Big Banks643,000,000Corrupt Dictatorship73%12 days ago$2,227.32
25. Lake AdamWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks5,774,000,000Left-wing Utopia93%8 days ago$46,127.14
26. AzerbaijaanWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks2,616,000,000Scandinavian Liberal Paradise80%6 hours ago$47,080.29
27. YodleWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks7,558,000,000Liberal Democratic Socialists100%6 days ago$45,184.53
28. Nicholse The Region That Has No Big Banks1,946,000,000Democratic Socialists83%5 days ago$45,602.04
29. Lic The Region That Has No Big Banks2,161,000,000Civil Rights Lovefest17%5 hours ago$8,951.40
30. Republic of SwansoniaWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks3,698,000,000Liberal Democratic Socialists76%2 days 16 hours ago$1,135.68
31. Czartopia The Region That Has No Big Banks5,100,000,000Inoffensive Centrist Democracy95%14 days ago$41,352.85
32. BlustanWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks5,766,000,000Liberal Democratic Socialists67%4 days ago$46,127.14
33. Cerebrias The Region That Has No Big Banks940,000,000Civil Rights Lovefest39%2 days 5 hours ago$6,082.86
34. The Code The Region That Has No Big Banks1,133,000,000Inoffensive Centrist Democracy12%2 days 11 hours ago$9,054.20
35. Pueblos Unidos The Region That Has No Big Banks738,000,000Liberal Democratic Socialists56%15 days ago$9,178.24
36. OchelagaWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks1,072,000,000Corrupt Dictatorship79%1 minute ago$29,369.43
37. Madison Rocks The Region That Has No Big Banks7,315,000,000Liberal Democratic Socialists46%42 days ago$1,135.68
38. Technocratic EriadWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks3,883,000,000Left-wing Utopia91%15 days ago$47,080.29
39. Great ButonWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks3,374,000,000Inoffensive Centrist Democracy90%4 days ago$41,842.94
40. Republic of Penguinian AstronautiaWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks6,096,000,000Left-wing Utopia97%14 hours ago$47,080.29
41. OphaesiaWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks3,556,000,000Civil Rights Lovefest92%4 days ago$47,080.29
42. Remenvasia The Region That Has No Big Banks4,691,000,000Anarchy9%4 days ago$26,907.77
43. Crador The Region That Has No Big Banks1,604,000,000Iron Fist Consumerists58%11 days ago$9,895.92
44. Malvara The Region That Has No Big Banks2,718,000,000Democratic Socialists94%10 hours ago$38,651.03
45. Barney is my GodWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks2,560,000,000Corrupt Dictatorship81%3 hours ago$43,386.61
46. ArstotzkyiyaWAThe Region That Has No Big Banks650,000,000Moralistic Democracy65%2 days 16 hours ago$10,433.85
47. Sadie Bear The Region That Has No Big Banks6,802,000,000Scandinavian Liberal Paradise91%14 days ago$26,063.70

Civil RightsPercentage
World Benchmark2.1% 2.1% (1)
Excellent29.8% 29.8% (14)
Few2.1% 2.1% (1)
Below Average8.5% 8.5% (4)
Very Good19.1% 19.1% (9)
Superb25.5% 25.5% (12)
Rare2.1% 2.1% (1)
Some2.1% 2.1% (1)
Good8.5% 8.5% (4)
Very Strong2.1% 2.1% (1)
All-Consuming8.5% 8.5% (4)
Fragile4.3% 4.3% (2)
Powerhouse8.5% 8.5% (4)
Good10.6% 10.6% (5)
Frightening42.6% 42.6% (20)
Reasonable6.4% 6.4% (3)
Strong8.5% 8.5% (4)
Weak2.1% 2.1% (1)
Thriving4.3% 4.3% (2)
Developing2.1% 2.1% (1)

Political FreedomsPercentage
World Benchmark8.5% 8.5% (4)
Excellent14.9% 14.9% (7)
Average4.3% 4.3% (2)
Few8.5% 8.5% (4)
Below Average2.1% 2.1% (1)
Very Good12.8% 12.8% (6)
Widely Abused2.1% 2.1% (1)
Superb23.4% 23.4% (11)
Rare6.4% 6.4% (3)
Some4.3% 4.3% (2)
Excessive6.4% 6.4% (3)
Good6.4% 6.4% (3)

WA CategoryPercentage
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise4.3% 4.3% (2)
Anarchy2.1% 2.1% (1)
Iron Fist Consumerists2.1% 2.1% (1)
Father Knows Best State4.3% 4.3% (2)
New York Times Democracy4.3% 4.3% (2)
Corrupt Dictatorship8.5% 8.5% (4)
Left-wing Utopia10.6% 10.6% (5)
Democratic Socialists12.8% 12.8% (6)
Civil Rights Lovefest12.8% 12.8% (6)
Liberal Democratic Socialists17.0% 17.0% (8)
Moralistic Democracy2.1% 2.1% (1)
Left-Leaning College State4.3% 4.3% (2)
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy14.9% 14.9% (7)

Regional Economic StatisticsValue
Gross Regional Product: $5,750,755,692,309,200.00
GRP Per Capita: $30,182.31
Regional Population: 190,534,000,000
Regional Average GDP: $122,356,504,091,685.00
Largest GDP: Ansuriel ($346 trillion)
Smallest GDP: Saxkovich ($1.43 trillion)
Largest GDP Per Capita: Azerbaijaan ($47,080)
Smallest GDP Per Capita: Republic of Swansonia ($1,136)
Largest Trade Surplus: Asturii ($719 billion)
Largest Trade Deficit: Czartopia ($475 billion)
Regional Nation Count: 47

The Nations database contains 150,732 records and the newest are dated Sunday, August 25, 2019
The Regions database contains 21,776 records and the newest are dated Sunday, August 25, 2019
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This is the new and improved NSDossier tool version 2.0! This is a page of statistics derived from the NationStates Feeds. It will allow you to see any nation or region at a glance as well as various economic calculations. It will let you view any nation in the world and see its stats (unlike some other tools). It has all the same functionality as the NSEconomy tool and more. It has bar graphs and every column on the page will sort the results (without having to recollect the data).

This is considered a new version because [violet] recently began making the entire World available in one download. The old NSDossier was based off the feeds exclusively. We never had to store anything and all processing was done in server memory. Now, we created a Microsoft SQL Server database and load it up every day. We update the old records with the new ones and add and delete where necessary. The ones that did not get an update are presumed to be dead and are moved to a "Dead" database in an abbreviated format. They can be viewed on the NSStatistics page where they will reside for seven days. Do not ask why, we just thought somebody might find something of value in there.

Some old features have been moved to another of our tools, NSStatistics. Those features are the all regions listings that allow you to see where any region ranks in size in the game. And size can be by number of nations or number of Delegate endorsements. Another feature that moved over there is the Largest Nations in The World list. it is no longer limited to 500 or whenever NationStates decided to tell us, it is real time.

Otherwise, everything else should be the same. If the regions or nations do not appear to be sorted by the size, then just click the column header and they will sort into order, if it goes the wrong way, click the column header again. Or, you can sort by any feature you like.

The Custom Dossiers are finished and back to working the way they used to.

If you are curious about the technical aspects, it is written in ASP.NET using C# and a SQL Server database. And, yes, we programmed it all. All the economic formulas are from Commerce Heights and his NS Economy web page (link at bottom of our page). We could not have done it if he had not made their PHP code publicly available.

This is still a work in progress. If there are some features you would like to see added, do not hesitate to leave a message on the comments page. Or, if you have any questions or problems, please post them there as well. We are trying to kill any last bugs and optimize the code.

Feel free to post links on your RMB or your forum or anywhere else you like. Once again, if you have anything to say about it, please leave a message. We hope you like it.


1. As we mentioned above, the data used in this report is downloaded from NationStates once a day in bulk because that is how often NationStates provides it. When you look up an individual nation or region, it gets the latest region information on every request and the latest nation info if it is a nation request. We mention this because the last activity times will never be correct for any nation other than the one you are searching for. Additionally, as nations die and are born throughout the day (often, thousands a day), the snapshot taken at midnight does not reflect that immediately. So, if you create a nation and move it to a region and then try an view the dossier on that region, it will show you that nation is/was there, but cannot tell if they were just born or just died. Either way, no stats are shown on them because of they are simply not in the database. They will be tomorrow, just not today. Some have suggested that we download the feeds for those. The answer is that we cannot risk it. Many days, entire regions go from 0 to 100+ in a matter of hours. We have already been booted offline once for violating the "excessive download policy" and we will not risk it again. The data is not going anywhere, just come back tomorrow if you really must see those stats.

2. Please note that since the economic calculations rely on all the nations in a region, they are all downloaded for every request. This is important because the larger the region you are in, the longer it will take. Regrettably, as of Thu Mar 31, 2011, we have had to exlcude all regions with 2000 or more nations. As of this date, that is 5 Pacifics and Lazarus. We hate to do this, but it is impacting other programs in NSSuite. You can always move your nation to another (sub-2000 nation) region, check your stats and move back. Sorry.

3. It is probably worth mentioning the difference between NSDossier & NSEconomy. On regions with 10 or less nations, the numbers will match exactly (well, within a few cents on a couple due to rounding differences in the two languages used to program this). However, on regions with more than 10 nations, NSEconomy does not make the calculations based on the whole region. We suspect this is due to [violet] limiting the number of feeds. Our point is that the statistics will not match on any region with more than 10 nations. They will on regions with 10 or less. This is by design on the part of NSDossier and not a bug.

4. Version 2.0 versus Version 1.0. We should probably explain the mechanics of what NSDossier does now versus what it did in the past. What NSDossier does now is when you look up a nation, it gets a fresh copy of that nation's info from the NationStates feeds. Once it has that, it gets the region that nation is currently located in and gets a fresh copy of that NationStates feed too. When you look up a region, it just gets a fresh copy of the region from the NationStates feeds. So, as an example, in the past, when you used to look up say, NationX, in a region of 200 nations, NSDossier would make 201 feed requests (1 region and 200 nations). Now, NSDossier will only make 2 requests - one for the NationX and one for NationX's region. We hope that is sort of clear.

5. We are contemplating adding an Export to Excel button like on the NSStatistics page, but have not decided yet.

6. As of April 2011, Regions wih 2000+ nations no longer work. It is too hard on the server to generate those reports. Sorry! You can always move to a smaller region and check your stats there.

7. The counts and latest data dates are at the bottom of the page.

8. Things on To Do List: Nothing unless there is a need for the Export to Excel.

9. The Economic Caluculations Formula, as created by the NSEconomy authors, is here: Formula

10. Check out all of our NationStates-related sites: NSSuite

11. more to come... maybe...

12. We hope you enjoy the tool.

Big Tex
Last Update: Thu Jan 14 20:07:16 2016
information from the game NationStates by Max Barry
economy formulas based on original code from NSEconomy 0.7.0 by Commerce Heights
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