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This tool is based off the NSEconomy tool and allows you to view nations and regions with economic data at a glance. It will let you view any nation in the world (unlike other tools). It has all the same functionality as the NSEconomy tool and more. It has bar graphs and every column on the page will sort the results (without having to recollect the data).

The tool also allows you to create custom Dossiers for nations or regions you want to track.

New & Improved!
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This is a page of statistics derived from the NationStates Feeds. Most of the statistics currently are counts. This is very new and will include graphs an pie charts in the future. Some of the lists are similar to functions in NS with the ability to view more on one page as well as the ability to sort the data. For example, you can see where you rank in The World in terms of size, for both regions and nations. Additionally, there is the ability to export the results to a spreadsheet. Almost all the data can now be exported and saved for your own personal usage.
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This is a historical view of NationStates from May 2003 until today. It contains information gleaned from the the pages of "The World". We started with just The Regions, but eventually added The Nations. We have collected all the data in the three columns displayed. It will give an accurate snapshot of both regions and nation on any given day.

Updated! Now with Charts & Graphs!
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This page shows all the statistics NationStates makes publicly available about your nation via the XML Feeds. Some of the information is revealed on your NationStates nation page. Other information is not revealed explicitly. Many of the statistics are used to calculate the Daily Census Reports on NationStates. Some players spend a lot of time attmepting to change their statistics. This is a handy way to see your statistics at a glance. The pie chart is just a fun visual. Additionally...
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This is a suite of pages that displays Embassy relationships between NationStates Regions in a variety of ways. There are both graphical as well as textual representations of the data.

Now, with The Oracle of NationStates! See how many degrees of separation are between any two regions in NationStates!

There is also a quick textual list is up to just show what is out there. The interactive graphs will be done soon.

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This is a page of all the Region Flags in The World. A little less than 50% of the regions of The World have flags and only those that have a flag are listed. The flags can ne resized or sorted depending on your personal preferences.

Overall, this is just a little nothing to look at the pretty flags. There are a lot of them, so it takes a little while to render them all depending on your internet connection. But, once you have them, then sorting them should be fairly quick. Some will find it interesting, others will yawn. Many will find regions that did not know existed. Other will find relationships they did not know existed.

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In 2005, General Powell of The DEN took on the guise of the Hunt Master and created a game within a game called the NationStates Global Treasure Hunt. The gist of it was that nations would receive a starting clue whose answer would lead them to a region where they would receive another clue to the location of the next clue. Participants would then "hop" from region to region to get the clues and reach the end. Whoever finished first got bragging rights and respect from their peers.

This is reborn version as external online game for NationStates players. You use your NationStates nation name and try to score the fastest time for completing a round. It is a simple Question and Answer game. The answers will usually be one word or number but may be more. There are additional instructions on the page.
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Targeted Release Date: postponed indefinitely

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